Jak X 2:33 AM PST on Xlink Kai

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Jak X 2:33 AM PST on Xlink Kai

Post by lazyhoboguy »

Hi dudes, long time no play. I was having a very strong jak x craving. I hadn't set up xlink on my new computer, but after about a hour of troubleshooting with nosferatu I was able to get it to work. I had to bridge my wifi card with my ethernet card, then change the default port in xlink to 30000, then we realized we had to manually switch to the same orbital, as we were seeing establishing link for each other... That good old nostalgic xlink troubleshooting

FINALLY, I saw his game in jak x... a nice feeling.

We are playing right now. I doubt anyone else is up, but I am down to play this another time, and other LAN games when I have time.

We also use a program called discord to voice/text chat while gaming. Anyone can join with this link: https://discord.gg/0znSO1ZXsabhDI5i
We set it up as a psonlinegaming channel, so feel free to use it whenever you are playing a ps2 game. A note, discord can be used in a browser, or as a program you download.

Nice to be on my ps2 again!

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Re: Jak X 2:33 AM PST on Xlink Kai

Post by chak88 »

I have been trying to play Jak X with someone for awhile what's a good time for you ?

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