MLB Slugfest Loaded: Setting Up New Account

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MLB Slugfest Loaded: Setting Up New Account

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Please Help. I've invested a lot of time, and some money to relive the glory days. I feel so close.

I have MLB Slugfest: Loaded and Really want to get online to play my friend. I have an original PS2 with the Free McBoot. I've ordered the network adapter, but while i'm waiting for it to arrive, I've gone ahead and loaded it on PCSX2. Everything seems to work well and I've gotten logged on to Cristian's server. I'm at the Slugfest Login Screen and since I don't have a login, I'm trying to create a new account. I've enter all my information, but when it tries to register, it says Network error has occurred. Is there something I'm missing?

TLDR: Receive network error trying to register new account on MLB Slugfest Loaded.

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