Your first PS2 game?

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Re: Your first PS2 game?

Post by Dj_Tam »

Fuck my really first game was FORMULA ONE 2002 (!!!!), because i buy ps2 bundle, but i sell this game 3 month later and i take 25/20 € (!!).
I dont know if than i buy before Metal Gear Solid Substance or Mark of Kri, because MGS come out so later and i need to play some game..

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Re: Your first PS2 game?

Post by arcturusps2 »

Got NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND for Christmas 2003 along with my PS2. (The PS2 was the best xmas presents I ever got). Also HARRY POTTER QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP but played NFS first. I can remember a family friend (not really a gamer) was round on Boxing Day saying how good graphics on NFS were and how it almost looked real.

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Re: Your first PS2 game?

Post by Hunk91 »

I bought Etermination with my PS2 back in May 2001. (I had some kind of special offer from SONY for it, like 15 euros rebate for the purchase of this game)
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Re: Your first PS2 game?

Post by MartinMilk »

We got 2 games, Hitman 2 and Timesplitters 2.
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Re: Your first PS2 game?

Post by Vedita BR »

Nascar Rumble or GTA Vice City, it's been long
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