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by ncman071
Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:35 pm
Forum: PS2 Online Game Talk
Topic: all star baseball 2005 online question
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all star baseball 2005 online question

this game is supposed to still be online thru bobz servers i believe, but when i try to gets passed dnas authentication then tries to update the drosters and fails to update the roster......sometimes it just wont connect to the server at all....the roster fail is causing it not to conne...
by ncman071
Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:56 pm
Forum: Game Scheduling: Normal Servers
Topic: Area 51
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Re: Area 51

is this game still online? i have the ntsc version. do i just put the dns in and thats it? or is there something else i need to do?
by ncman071
Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:32 am
Forum: Game Scheduling: Normal Servers
Topic: Tribes 4:30pm cst Sundays
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Re: Tribes 4:30pm cst Sundays

hi i am new and was planning on playing tribes today. something came up withmy kids today so i wasnt able to. hopefully can play this online soon
by ncman071
Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:25 pm
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Topic: brand new
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brand new

hello all, my name is justiin and am a father and husband and am a huge fan of playing these legacy consoles online. i've been part of the dreamcast community for years and now would like to get ps2 back online. i honestly had no idea that ANY ps2 games were playable online outside of xlink kai whic...