Here are links to Playstation 2 related sites and other sites about gaming that we like.
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Below is a list of links to website that we like. If you want your website to be considered for being added to the list, please private message one of the admins (lazyhoboguy or noonotthat). If you think the description of your site below doesn't accurately match your site's purpose, let us know and we can rewrite them to a certain degree.

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Playstation 2 Related Links

Xlink Kai is an awesome AND FREE program that lets you play PS2 games online even once their online servers are taken down. It only works with Playstation 2 games that feature a LAN mode. The program uses a game's LAN to trick the game into thinking players across the world are playing on the same Local Area Network (LAN) mode of the game. This is why this program is a "LAN tunneling" program. This is the program we use at to LAN tunnel Playstation 2 games.

Quoted from their site: "The openspy service is meant to be a replacement for the now shut down GAMESPY service." It allows games that relied on gamespy to work online to be played again through openspy. Many ps2 games benefit from this and would not be playable any more without openspy. You can help them out by donating to help pay for their server costs by going to their site.

Cool site focused around the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games. Site hosts servers for the PS2 Tony Hawk Games. Also hosts a server for Amplitude and Tribes:Aerial Assault for PS2.

A site that hosts servers for the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, some of which are on Playstation 2. Quoted from the homepage: " Welcome to THPS.US! This website is full of unique THPS tools and services to get you the most out of your THPS online series. Check out our live THPS status, face code uploader, video vault, highscores and much more. Visit our forums for help or to talk about THPS. Please contact me if you have any questions."

General Gaming Links

A cool friendly community of Dreamcast gamers who also play Dreamcast games online. The site hosts many servers for Dreamcast games and is a great place to schedule online Dreamcast games.

A big community of fans of the Timesplitters game series. If you want to talk about those games and hold out hope for Timesplitters 4 to be someday released, this is the site to go to.

From the site creator: "TimeSplitters-World is the first and currently only german TimeSplitters fansite. Haze and Second Sight are also to get add lately. The site is german but a english translation is already in work. Other languages coming soon."
Also known as "The Rec Room" this website is the place to go if you are into using the mapmaker for Timesplitters: Future Perfect. You can find a PC map blueprint program here to help you share your mapmaker creations with others.

Also known as "Gamers Lounge" This website is very useful for scheduling Xbox 1 Xlink Kai matches. It also has sections to talk about general Xbox 1 gaming.
Quoted from their site, "The NetLink League is a site primarily devoted to the NetLink modem for Sega Saturn, but also Dreamcast online gaming, Xband (the online gaming service for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo) and general Sega Saturn as well." This cool site will give you info about how you can play some Sega Saturn games online still by using a Netlink modem. You can also schedule online Netlink matches with other gamers from their site as well.
A community for fans of the Twisted Metal series.
From the site creator: "THPSX is a community for fans of the Tony Hawk franchise new and old, geared toward the upcoming release Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD."

Quoted from the site admins: "Fuzziqer Software: home of the Private Phantasy Star Online Server (play PSO online or on a LAN without connecting to Sega's server) and GCARS-CS (enables LAN and online play of various offline GameCube games, including Super Smash Bros. Melee). Also hosts the VECLabs Forums, where GeckoTunnel (Wii equivalent of GCARS-CS) is in early stages of development."

Lost your instruction manual? This is a great site to find scans of them.

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